Women love Christian Louboutin red soled shoes, even hidden behind these little secret!

Legend in the red bottom shoes, attracting ladies obsessed with all the eyes, when the feet gently stepped into that moment, it seems seriously magical, the entire planet are surrender at the foot of that touch of red. Do you understand how it was developed?

today for your science in regards to the red bottoms footwear you could not know the six issues.

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First, the origin of red

Christian Louboution in 1992, for the assistant borrowed a large red nail polish painted inside the high heels, so many women crazy red bottom footwear on the birth of this.

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Second, Christian Louboutin & 7 footwear

A beautiful girl should have at least 7 pairs of footwear: a pair of fun, a pair of flirting, a pair of work to wear, a pair of false use, a pair of time for the spring night, a pair of never through and a pair you do not like, with a pair of shoes do not like , You can remind yourself not always perfect dress.

Third, the nightclub enlightenment

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In the age of 12, he often skipping to some with the nightclubs in France to see female models, because he was attracted by their higher heels and used as he became a high heels designer’s spiritual power.

Four, exclusive red bottom

In September 2007, Mr. Christian Louboutin applied for a trademark, the purpose is to protect the brand’s red soles design is not copied.

5, YSL litigation

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Yves Saint Laurent in 2011 with the red as the soles, Christian Louboutin will YSL sued the court, experienced a year and a half on the tug of war, the two sides finally chose out of court settlement, then, Christian Louboutin inside the Pantone color number Set the exclusive red range, in order to defend the exclusive “red shoes”.

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Six, footwear

So far the red sole shoes inside the model has been close to 20 styles.

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