Red bottom shoes is the ultimate dream of women (and transvestites)

Red bottom shoes’ history

Bold use of the practice of the red soles can be traced back to Louis XIV, but the red dyes at the time simply out of the horizon, only the aristocratic men have money to make the heel red. But later because of the French Revolution, red  bottom shoes slowly fade out the people’s attention.

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The roots of Louis XIV created the “red heels” (left); then, only the aristocracy can wear red heels (right).

After two centuries, the famous Danist writer Hans Christian Andersen (Hans Christian Andersen) created the story “Hong Lingyan” (later adapted into a famous film), the story of the lovely girl wearing a magic red bottom shoes after Has been kept dancing. 1939 classic fairy tale movie “Wizard of Oz” is more solid “little fake Christian Louboutin shoes” and magic wonderful contact.

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Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen created “Hong Lingyan” and 1948 adapted film.

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1939 release of the “Wizard of Oz” so that small Christian Louboutin shoes to become a landscape.

But in fact, the real red bottoms shoes to carry forward the footwear designer Christian Louboutin (Christian Louboutin) – in the early 90s, Christie Lubutuo invented Christian Louboutin shoes and created with their own name Named brand Christian Louboutin.

Brand was established soon, Morocco Princess Caroline fell in love with Christian Louboutin shoes, then Hollywood set off a replica Christian Louboutin shoes frenzy. After 20 years of persistence and hard work, Lubutu fake Christian Louboutin shoes “red swept the world”, which is he can not tolerate other brands of “cheap red bottom shoes” reasons.

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Designer Christie Lubutu with his name for the red bottoms shoes to create a brand Christian Louboutin.

Why is the ultimate dream of a woman?

Q1. A pair of original Christian Louboutin shoes in the end worth more money?

A1. Red bottom heels shoes in all brands are considered relatively expensive level, the price of each pair of shoes ranging from 5000-12000, if the custom, then even the price of tens of thousands, which for an ordinary white-collar girl is really A little bit of a night

Q2. Can you control this pair of fake red bottoms shoes?

A2. Top replica Christian Louboutin shoes characteristics for the pointed, narrow version, no water (forefoot soles for the ordinary thin bottom), 12cm fine high heel, only this cheap Christian Louboutin shoes is the classic models, and sexy seductive, talent Is called “the ultimate dream”. For those who usually wear sports shoes, flat shoes and wedge shoes girls, put on this pair of “ultimate dream”, do not practice a few months, but also no blessing.

Q3. Wearing red bottom shoes also worthy of its temperament!

A3. Red bottom shoes have a heavy historical background and legend, it is a distinguished identity symbol, so wear red bottoms shoes also need to have it with a line of the first line.

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Christian Louboutin.

Female star favorite red bottom shoes

Look at those perfect master Christian Louboutin female stars who!

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Zhang Ziyi, Quan Zhixian, the name of Miranda children can be children, shellfish, Lady Ggga, ladies UlyanaSergeenko

Red shoes single product recommended

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Recommended reason:

(On) star classic models. There is a waterproof platform, wearing comfortable;

(Below) the top classic, elegant sexy.

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Recommended reason:

(On) material is rare, sexy to be added;

(Under) the use of new technology, exquisite elegance.



What kind of experience is it when Put on christian louboutin So kate?

Christian Louboutin has a lot of style looks almost, but in fact is different shoes last, cut also have different. So kate, Hot Chick, Pigalle three are red shoes hate days high school leader, but careful comparison can be found:
1. The same heel height, the side of the curvature from steep to slow, followed by Hot Chick, Pigalle, So kate;
2. The toe depth of the toe is from long to short, followed by So kate, Hot Chick, Pigalle.
Shoes, comfort and side curvature, toe depth has a great relationship. The more steep side of the curvature, the more tired the more; toe depth is shorter, the harder to walk up. So So Kate in the three pairs of shoes inside, is already the most comfortable.

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But why still let a lot of girls unable to move it? In the final analysis, or heel height of the problem. Christian Louboutin has a lot of heels up to 12,13cm shoes, no matter what the design, no way to wear a lot of road (except female warrior), it should solve the problem from the source – heel!

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Recommended girls generally choose Christian Louboutin 7cm or 8.5cm heel, have the ability to choose 10cm heel, for the proportion of tall body, is enough. Recommended Decolette 8.5cm shoes, as shown:

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Or Pigalle 8.5cm shoes, as shown:

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